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Japan Venture Cap Assoc DEI new targets

The Japan Venture Capital Association is making strides towards diversity with a target: 30% of senior officials from underrepresented groups by July. As of now, women make up a mere 10% of the 21 board members and 44 committee members.

🤔 Is the 30% guideline enough to make an impactful change ?

Certainly not.

While guidelines mark a positive step, a more impactful approach could involve tying investment decisions to the representation of women and foreign nationals at all levels within a company and to their impact on the management decisions. Because it’s also important to be mindful of fully integrating the diverse perspectives and viewpoints that inclusion brings to the decisions at company level.

Diversity is about numbers. But Inclusion requires a daily commitment to changing behaviors from both management and minority groups, including women, new generations, and cross-cultural individuals.

Let’s focus on the meaning of inclusion in terms of mindset and behavior.

🤔 Do you think that adopting this approach will lead to a more diverse and prosperous venture capital sector ?