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Your company is engaged in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and does not observe a mindset and attitude change despite training and coaching program investments. We help you become more inclusive across cultures, genders and generations through healthy teamwork and Business outcomes.

Welcome to Lemon Boost, your partner in the creation of an inclusive workplace. We believe that inclusion starts by encouraging employees to develop an inclusive mindset and behaviors, fostering a thriving work environment.

Our approach blends data from our maturity model. This maturity model provides an advantage by helping your organization position itself and understand the next steps in inclusion. It also aligns with strategic goals that are supported by diversity.

By establishing measurable diversity goals, we chart a clear path toward continuous and evaluated progress. The promotion of cross-functional collaboration at Lemon Boost aims to break down silos between teams, creating synergies that propel your company to new heights.

We understand that the traditional Japanese societal model can present obstacles to greater inclusion. Therefore, we help you adapt and succeed by effectively navigating this context.

At Lemon Boost, our unique maturity model empowers us to enhance our clients’ inclusion, guiding them toward a diverse, innovative, and prosperous company.

What If....

You could know your employees' real motivations and concerns beyond the surveys outputs to have real conversations ?

You could assess how things are changing, both in terms of KPIs and what employees value ?

You could foster team harmony through effective cross-gen, cross-gender & cross-cultural collaboration ?

Find out what you missed and where to act. Reach Business Agility with Lemon-Boost.

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