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Welcome to Lemon-Boost, your go-to partner for fostering inclusive teamwork and embracing operational agility to enhance business performance. In Japan, the lack of inclusivity can significantly impede collaboration, posing obstacles to daily operations. Whether you’re grappling with sluggish strategy execution, collaboration conflicts, talent retention issues, or growth barriers, agility is the cornerstone for surmounting these challenges.

Practice Until You Excel

We help you become more inclusive across cultures, genders, and generations through healthy teamwork. You know that behaviors are key to success. Traditional training methods often fall short as employees return to the workplace without fully applying what they’ve learned. Just as in Aikido, mastering reflexes requires practice. That’s why we’ve created Lemon-Boost Dojo, a new approach based on Japanese philosophy.

Our Dojo provides a safe space to practice and develop new behaviors, empowering individuals to embrace change and excel in their roles.

Track Your Progress: Even in Soft Skills

Lemon-Boost recognizes the importance of understanding the current state of your organization. By conducting a thorough audit, Lemon-Boost aims to delve into various aspects of your operations, culture, and challenges. This process involves examining factors like team dynamics, communication patterns, leadership effectiveness, and alignment with your strategic goals.

Through this audit, Lemon-Boost gains valuable insights into your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This information forms the basis for crafting customized solutions and strategies to address areas that need improvement and leverage your strengths. By systematically assessing your current situation, Lemon-Boost can offer targeted recommendations and support to help you enhance performance, promote inclusivity, and achieve operational agility.

We won't change traditional Japanese companies. Find out who are our Customers

At Lemon Boost, we understand that every company has its unique culture, deeply rooted in its history and values. Instead of seeking to change Japanese companies, we focus on empowering multinational organizations operating in Japan or Japan-based companies with an international mindset.

Regarding the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DEI) maturity, we work with companies that are at Compliance or Programmatic level.

What we do:

Team & Organization Development

Individual Development

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How Our Distinctive Approach Can Benefit You:

By adopting transformative practices and harnessing the power of inclusive teams, businesses can not only survive but thrive in today’s fast-paced and unpredictable market environment.

Learning Dojo's

Psychological Safe Place to Practice new Behaviors, tailored to your needs and work culture, for long-term results.


Our Inclusion Maturity Assessement (IMA®) is our proprietary model that measures data, motivations and capabilities.

Operational Agility

Inclusion as an agility enabler, Optimal use of Resources & Governance, Adaptative & Flexible organization.

Meet the Faces Behind Lemon-Boost:

Once upon a time, two entrepreneurs met in the bustling city of Tokyo: Sandrine Monette & Marie-Solange Vottero.

They saw the power of combining their skills for more operational agility in Japan-based companies.

They launched a transformative initiative dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses amidst ever-evolving challenges.

We are experts in change management with an extensive background in Consulting and Leadership at a strategic level spanning 4 continents: Open innovation, reorganizations, and digital transformations. Our functional expertise covers the fields of HR, Finance, IT, Supply chain, and manufacturing both in the private and public sectors.

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