How to have difficult conversations without
fighting each other ?
The secret weapon to avoid Conflicts
and keep Harmony

The art of transforming Conflicts into Conversations

Verbal Aikido® is a registered trademark. It is an effective and peaceful way of dealing with uncomfortable conversations (verbal aggressions). This approach to conflict management is closely linked to the principles and philosophy of the Japanese martial art Aikido. Verbal Aikido® is a learning of centered posture that connects to many techniques to communicate with benevolence. 

A collective learning experience... in the Dojo ! 

The objective of Verbal Aikido® is to get the participants started in reflex development… the type of reflex that empowers them towards constructive and clear communication. Our recurring dojos provide multiple opportunities to practice a positive relational posture in a safe, fun and collective learning environment.  

Based on your real cases, you will maximize your practice time on the “verbal mat” while learning concrete techniques to quickly de-escalate difficult exchanges.    

Practitioners of all ages learn to :
• disarm verbal aggression
• manage emotional distance
• create openings to be understood
• promote healthy relationships

Whether you are a staff, a manager, in a client facing role , you’ll come away with highly effective conflict management skills, directly applicable in your professional life !

A key lever to inclusion  

Verbal Aikido® allows company to positively transform office dynamics. 

– Under-represented staff can safely share and practice their daily communication challenges. By amplifying diverse voices, top management grasps genuine employee concerns, avoiding short-term fixes. 

– Reducing conflict time (an average of 30% for managers*), it allows your team to focus on delivering their tasks and activity with full commitment and less energy drain from unhealthy relationships.

– Verbal Aikido® emerges as a crucial tool for inclusion : it improves relational climate, enhance teamwork and ultimately a more cohesive and productive work environment. 

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