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Adjusting to Japan is difficult : what I wish I knew before moving

Open the gates to a smooth transition and a rewarding journey overseas.

Working in Japan as a foreigner or giving up your career to follow love is a big transition. Adjusting is hard. And, luckily for me, I have change management skills (which I used extensively).

But still, you arrive in a country where you can’t speak, read, communicate efficiently, work expectations are different, and as a spouse, the labor market doesn’t want you (you’re not Japanese) and you’ve lost your social status.

New game, new rules, no guidelines, no friends.🤔

💡 Good news ! There are solutions!

1️⃣ Resilience and willingness to learn are key. Prepare yourself. If I’d known about the social challenges accompanying spouses face, I’d have been better prepared

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You are not alone!

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New to Japan or recently arrived ? Bring your sense of humor to Japan, It’s as essential as your passport ! Prepare for a journey filled with cultural surprises and unexpected delights