What if you could establish Healthy Boundaries, and calmly address Disrespectful Behaviors ?
Master the Art of Assertiveness with Verbal Aikido®

Do you want to start building your human  skills  ? 

Often overlooked, never really passed on, human skills are essential tools that allow each of us to adjust to everyday life challenges. Things like adaptability, authentic communication, self-awareness, empathy, conflict resolution and so on…

Among the skills that are underestimated and insufficiently taught through our education model, we can mention:

– How to say NO, I don’t know, …

– How to have difficult conversations

– How to conduct an effective confrontation

– How to give and receive constructive criticism

– How to make a request

– How to take responsibility for our emotions

How can we master these attitudes  while respecting our values ? How can we move away from sterile exchanges where everyone wants to be right ?

The art of transforming Conflicts into Conversations

Verbal Aikido provides a  is a path towards assertiveness, a way for your to practice your relational posture for more satisfying interactions : 

🥋A discipline that enables us to work on our communication posture 

🥋A practice that puts us in situations to develop our reflexes to empathetic assertiveness and conflict resolution

🥋A personal journey towards the art of making the most of our human interactions

The good news : It can be learned - How ? Practice, practice, practice !

What makes Verbal Aikido unique, is … the Dojo ! 

– Safe, fun and collective learning environment

– Learning journey with illimited practice to develop smooth reflexes 

– Based on real-life situations brought by participants

Long term goal = Relief from the pressure to succeed

==> Verbal aggressions become opportunities to behave differently