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4 reasons why the new digital nomad visa is not worth it !

Japan's government believes it will be a driver of innovation and a source of energy for the country's rapidly aging workforce.

Really ? Think again.

This new digital nomad visa will allow foreigners to stay in Japan for 6 months while continuing to do business for overseas income. Candidates must have an annual income of at least 10 million yen ($68,000) and pay for private health insurance. Finally, it cannot be renewed after six months. 

4 reasons why it is not worth it :

1️⃣ Integration struggles :  You come to Japan, but you can’t do business with anyone as building trust in Japan’s business culture takes time. Also Japanese people are generally cautious with foreigners especially when not residents and the lengthy decision-making process is discouraging. 🇯🇵🤝 How could these foreigners be integrated into the Japanese economy except by living there for a much longer time and be able to get paid here ?

2️⃣ Entrepreneurial confusion: Not all digital nomads work remotely for large companies. They may be sole proprietors or startup entrepreneurs. The former may not earn as much and the latter usually don’t get paid for the first 2-3 years. The annual salary requirement is then out of reach.

3️⃣ Need for stability: It cannot be renewed after 6 months. Who moves to a country for only 6 months ?

4️⃣ Global competitiveness : While Japan’s weak yen puts pressure on the cost of living, other countries are more flexible about who they allow to be a digital nomad. In this context, what is Japan’s value compared to South Korea and Taiwan ?

Does this new digital nomad visa have broad benefits for anyone ?

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