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🚨 Let's Talk Power Harassment : A Call for Change

"A severe approach is necessary, as some people do not change their behavior", Yasu Higuchi, CEO of Panasonic Connect

Last February, Panasonic Connect Japan grabbed headlines by promptly demoting an employee found guilty of sexual harassment.  

As we applaud their commitment, it’s crucial to shine a light on the often-overlooked issue of power harassment. Whether through subtle intimidation or outright abuse, it inflicts lasting harm on victims and undermines workplace morale. With 1 in 3 Japanese employees experiencing it, we must act now to create safer, more inclusive workplaces.

Amid resource pressures, securing workforce retention and satisfaction is paramount. Therefore, let’s take action:

🍋 Raise awareness of cultural norms, unconscious biases and workplace microaggressions at all level.
🍋 Prioritize inclusion initiatives that are connected to business objectives, risks mitigation and measurables outcomes.
🍋 Implement comprehensive education programs for staff and leaders to recognize and prevent power harassment.
🍋 Create safe spaces where employees can share concerns and learn new behaviours collectively towards a more positive culture : discussion groups, employee forums, learning dojos.
🍋 Establish clear reporting procedures with transparent consequences for offenders.

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