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Women at Work : We get the Behaviours we tolerate

With International women’s day approaching, you will start to see a bunch of heart gestures, trendy hashtags and cheesy slogans 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨.

💪 As a mixed-blood woman, entrepreneur and mother of 2 daughters, I don’t recognize myself in this namby-pamby marketing.

Don’t get me wrong ! Celebration is a good thing but if we want to achieve gender equality in business, I believe in a more realistic approach.

We are all responsible to change what we accept from others ... and we can do it in a constructive way !

🚺🔊 What is the reality of women at work here in Japan ? How do we speak up our mind to get that promotion or equal salary ? How to handle dismissive attitudes from male colleagues or to defend ourselves from an abusive female boss ?

🌟 I often tell my daughters that we are the sum of all the little things we do every day. A little step towards more understanding of who we are. Another step when speaking up our mind or confronting other’s people dismissive or aggressive attitudes.

We get the behaviors we tolerate.

New to Japan, Verbal Aikido fosters enhanced collaboration that is based on 3 pillars : self-knowledge, neutral listening and seeking positive outcomes from daily interactions.

🗣️Indeed we get the behaviours we tolerate. This is the sad truth about our work environments and and their impacts on women’s confidence, career, incomes and mental health. Self-realization requires self-knowledge and emotional agility.

Being able to teach others how we want to be treated in a constructive way. It requires safe spaces to practice our moves, regulate our emotions and seeking to embody our values in every interaction.

How do you handle disrespectful manners at work ?