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Conference 30 Jan 24 @French Chamber

Are Japanese companies more comfortable dealing with the "technical" aspects of DEI ?

Real issues are Behaviors and mindsets, and thus the impact on the bottom line.

Engaged in a conversation with a manager here in Japan, we delved into Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within the business landscape. Interestingly, his experience in a Japanese company, albeit progressive, shed light on a common trend.

📌 Observation: A Narrow Focus on Workplace Adaptation for Women
In their DEI initiative, the emphasis seemed predominantly on adapting the workplace to suit women’s needs—flexible hours, remote work, etc.

This perspective raises a critical question: Is DEI merely about workplace adjustments for women?

The answer is NO if limited to this.

I believe this aligns with the second step of our DEI Maturity Assessment: COMPLIANCE (Step 2 of 6). Compliance is crucial but represents just one step of a comprehensive DEI strategy.

📈 DEI Maturity : The Key to Profound Impact on Business outcomes
In our journey through the six steps, we aim to deepen the focus on how people interact within the organization. This, in turn, is a key lever for your strategic goals and profitable growth.

Are you curious to understand where your company stands in the realm of Inclusion Maturity and its direct link to Profitable Growth?

Let’s connect on January 30th at the French Chamber of Commerce.