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Most of Stress is triggered by our Thinking !

This workshop is a tool you can use when you feel that a particular situation is affecting you irrationally, or is repeating itself over time. Or when you are experiencing certain symptoms of chronic stress, such as recurring negative thoughts, extreme fatigue, concentration problems, sleep disorders, headaches, anxiety, reduced or increased appetite. 

 Stress management skills are essential in the workplace, as they have a direct impact on our performance, interpersonal skills and self-confidence, and can therefore hinder our professional development.  It is essential that any business professional  develop stress management skills to preserve their mental and physical health, improve their professional performance and seize the opportunities open to them in their careers.  

What if we can use our thoughts to make the situation an adventure rather than a nightmare ?

Workshop outline :

  • Better understand your personal stress profile
  • Recognize behavioral reflexes that are toxic to your well-being and performance
  • Uncover limiting voices inside your head and their meaning in terms of needs/values
  • Build your own stress management toolkit

The greatest weapon against Stress is our ability to choose one thought over another“.

William James